Chip the owner of Fitness Quest would not stop hitting on me


I joined Fitness Quest in Leawood a few months ago because I wanted a small gym where I could get in and out quickly. I started working out with Chip Taggart as my trainer.

At first the little guy was funny, but it quickly got out of hand. His comments were questionable but soon crossed the line, to the point I asked him to quit making those types of comments and request to me. His behavior and comments got more and more out there and eventually I had to quit the gym after his touches were not appropriate. words were one thing, groping a client is another.

You were not correcting my form, and no I don't want to see it, and I don't like hearing that I am so hot that you'd like to pound it. Chip finds this talk to a married woman funny, my husband didn't. So girls all I can say is don't go to Fitness Quest and for sure stay away from Chip Taggart. Chip is out of hand and gross.

If he really has a wife, I feel sorry for her.

It is almost scary that he would be so brash with a married woman and to think that I am such trash that I would like being talked to like that is disgusting. Work out anywhere but Fitness Quest is my advice, it's worth the a long drive to not have to be around someone like him.

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Eeewww. Truth.


Huuu your killing me....


But you still can't help but like the guy


The lady is telling you the truth


Poor chip


Sadly , the comments are true! Chip is a good trainer, but has a difficult time keeping his comments, and his hands to himself!

Very uncomfortable!!

I too, feel sorry for his wife, as she is a lovely woman , and mother to their 3 sons. I would not recommend training with him if you are a woman.


All of these are lies! I've known Chip and his wife for over 30 years.

He has more integrity and professionalism than any personal trainer I know in KC. These are nothing but vicious attacks on a personal trainer from women who aren't getting any attention at home. He has a gorgeous and loving wife and a beautiful family who also don't deserve this hatred. Destroying another person's credentials is pretty pathetic, ladies.

I think maybe the workout regimen was too tough for you and you took his recommendations the wrong way. He should've called you out on your flabby butts had he known you were going to conjure up lies about his business.


I have had a very pleasant personal training experience with Chip. Everything has been extrememly profressional and I have consistnently moved closer to my goals.

The gym is rarely crowded and very family friendly.

Everything is very well kept. My only complaint is that there is no stairmaster, which I love!

Rolla, Missouri, United States #616772

Oh yea....sounds like him... :eek

My girlfriend received diamonds from him tho, that were fake...


I heard that he had to start his own gym because he was fired from the last place he worked for sleeping with a bunch of his clients including one that was 70 years old. I never would even think of working out there with his reputation.

I know of 3 girls he has slept with. Two were married, and sadly cost one their marriage. He's trouble.

If your wife is working out there my advice is to have her start working out somewhere else. If she hasn't told you he is hitting on her, she's is probably lying, he hits on anything.

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